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FAQ on Tao's Cultivation

        Q1. If we are kind-hearted, do we need to receive Tao?         A: Nowadays, the world is declining in its moral values. Human beings tend ... Full story

I-Kuan Tao

The Four Polluted Elements Of The Mind

Jan 18, 2006 at 05:17 AM            Forasmuch as man is caught in a spider’s web of desires, his mentality will be heavily taxed, giving ... Full story


Consequences Of Persistent Meat Consumption

          The appalling risks of impairing health through heavy consumption of meat are multitudinous. Consistent reports from World Health statistics reveals extremely short life expectancies among ... Full story

Law of karma

Animals for dinner - a karmic tale

by Ron Epstein         ALMOST DAILY, the elderly Chinese American woman hurried         into the San Francisco temple, bowed to the Buddhas, put her         ... Full story

Journeys to the hell


YU HUANG DA TIAN ZHUN has instructed that this Directive is about to be issued. He has commanded the God of City to travel 5 miles to wait, and the God of luck to travel 10 miles also to wait for this arrival. All of you line up quietly to wait for his arrival. ... Full story

Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva

Chapter One

Ubiquitous Supernatural Powers of the Exalted Buddha at Trayastrimsa Heaven ... Full story

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