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Journeys to the hell

Journey No. 12.

Journey No. 12.          9th Moon 9 th Day (31st October 1976)  Touring Hades of the Hungry Ghosts Jigong: For the purpose of writing this Book, we ... Full story

Journey No. 13

Journey No. 13  9th Moon 19th Day (10th November 1976)  Touring Naihe Qiao and Hades of DancingJigong: There are several mediums in Sheng Xian Tang; all ... Full story

Journey No. 14

Journey No. 14   9th Moon 29th Day (20th November 1976)  Touring Hades of ColdnessJigong: Autumn is coming to an end and Winter will soon take its ... Full story

Journey No. 15

Journey No. 15    10th Moon 9th Day (29th November 1976) Touring the Third Tribunal Paying Respects to Song Di WangJigong: We are now going to ... Full story

Journey No. 16

Journey No. 16   10th Moon 19th Day (9th December 1976) Touring the Third Tribunal “The Prison of Scooped Eyes”Jigong: The cold air currents are blowing ... Full story

Journey No. 17

Journey No. 17   10th Moon 29th Day (19th December 1976) Touring “Copper/Iron Knife Face-Scraping Prison”Jigong: Those who are ascetic practitioners are constantly encountering all sorts ... Full story

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