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The Great Tao and You

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Jan 11, 2006 at 07:42 AM
        Literally, the word "TAO" derives from a Chinese character which means the way, a path or road of every element of nature and having eternal beingness within the Universe. Nature is beautifully complete in its own way, that is, the constant cycles of each aspect of nature act from beginning to end each without interfering with any other aspect of itself. 
        The GREAT TAO is incapable of being absorbed by time or space, it is neither visible to the eyes nor audible by the ears, yet it presides over a myriad of animate and inanimate life forms within the Universe.  The Great Tao initiates and nourishes all growth in nature and yet is considerate after its accomplishment; consequently the Great Tao makes no claim to possessing them or exercising any control over them; because every thing in nature is part and parcel of the Great Tao.   The Great Tao is not to be taken as a religion of dumb acquiescence or blind belief.  Being the very essence of all natures, it is given the definition of the “GREAT”: ONE in all and all in ONE.  
        Evidence of nature’s way can be distinctly observed in our daily life through the successive course of the four seasons and their effects over the years
        In spring, growth begins:  Seedlings sprout, plants start growing, trees turn green and flowers blossom. 

        In summer growth is at its luxuriant best:  Plants grow, trees mature, and fruits and grains appear. 

        In autumn, from maturity to a state of decomposition:  Grains and fruits flourish until leaves and plants being unable to withstand the coldness from the approaching winter begin to turn brown, wither and fall.  

        In winter, reposedness of growth:  With the onset of winter plants die and decay, but the activity of growth is not extinguished once and for all.  With the returning of the seasons the cycle again repeats itself.  Such is the sequence of nature.  The rotation of day and night is seen through the rising of the Sun at the early morn, to its highest ascent at noon, and its retreat into the evening which is called night (viewed through the perspective of the solar system, it is the Earth which revolves along a definite orbit around the Sun which causes day and night). 
        The cycle of rain is presented through water.  When water is heated it rises as moisture which our naked eyes cannot see.  It ascends into the air to form clouds, and when cooled falls as rain.  This process goes on untroubled.  Though the world may comprise of various races and status’s of man, with each community having upper and lower levels of prominent persons, we all share one common process.  We are born into this World in the infant form, from this stage we grow through childhood into youth, then middle-age to maturity, infirmity and finally death.  But does man’s life end here?  Have you even given a thought to this question?
        “I have to know what is ‘it’ that activates my body while I am in the vitality of life, and what happens to ‘it’ when my physical body succumbs to death?”
        The physical body, which is also a component of this transient world, is bound both by time and space, and is subject to destruction and decay.  It must therefore be the underlying soul which dominates and gives life to the body, for without it the body is as dead as a log.  This is the reason why men from all walks of life irrespective of cultures and traditions and status, still observe “All Souls Day”.  This is a form of respect to acknowledge that life does not end at the grave. 
        Let us take a car to represent the physical body of man and his soul as the driver.  Is it possible for a car to mobilize as it wishes without a driver?  Definitely not!  Not only does it need its driver to mobilize it but it also needs him to steer it if it is to reach its destination safely.  However, if the driver is excessively sensitive over his car he will be less concerned about the welfare of other road users and his concentration along the way will be inadequate; if he is careless in abiding to the traffic regulations he may be detained and be dealt with by the law.  The results of these indiscretions are inevitable hindrances to arriving safely.
        Likewise as long as man is ignorant to the fundamental facts of life (the incapability of differentiating between what is realistic and what is illusive) the evolution of his soul from one body form to another will remain a continuing affair, and at the end of each incarnation his mental and physical effort will be exhausted; thereby defeating the purpose of his evolutionary nature.
        The development and completion of man’s life lies in his ability to modify his spiritual nature without force, as it is in accordance with the Great Tao, more commonly known as the Universal Law of Truth.
Bible said:
Chap 2: 26
“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”
Confucius said:
“He who offends against the will of Heaven to  whom he can pray”
Mencius said:
Chap 11.7
“The way of truth is like a great road, difficult  to know it. The evil is only that men will not seek it”
Bible said:
TITUS Chap 1: 1-2
 And the acknowledging of the truth which is after Godliness; In hope of eternal life,   which God, that cannot lie, promised before the World began"
From various observations you can well comprehend that man is linked with his environment in a single system – the Tao

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