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Consequences brought by the misuse of mentality

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Consequences brought by the misuse of mentality
Written by Tiandi   
Jan 18, 2006 at 04:49 AM
         From the pre-historical period up to the modern technology of the present time it is obvious that man has made tremendous upward growth in various aspects of life.  Somehow though there is a weighty contrast between the morality of the ancient and the new.  In years gone by most of the people were good, and their goodness carried forward. This goodness was in keeping with the innocence of a child.  
         Why are infants irresistible to us, and why do we find them so adoring and loveable?  How are they able to draw us into that familiar mood of comfortable ease whenever they are present; that attraction which they are seemingly able to create without raising the slightest effort?  What is it in their make up that creates this captivating beauty just by their very being?
         If we pay attention we may come to understand that we are able to bring to light certain established facts, and having done that unlock previously unknown information which will entirely change the way we look upon baseless traditions.  
         It seems that some infants have an indifferent nature; that is they possess no inclination towards partiality.  They demonstrate the ability to be able to adapt themselves peacefully and contentedly to changes around themselves, either to that of their environment or with people around them.  This can be seen from the time of their birth in a maternity hospital right up to the settlement in their respective homes; from the cuddling arms of the hospital staff to those of their parents, relatives and friends.  The occasional moment whereby the magical spell of their serenity is broken is when they are hungry or when they are feeling unwell.  
         “INNOCENCE” is a pure quality inherent in the nature of all infants and this ONENESS is a reality against which none of us can possibly argue.  According to the dictionary INNOCENCE means:  harmless; blameless; guileless; simplicity; one with no knowledge of evil.

         Infants have a zero level of imperfection so it is no wonder they are so well endowed to be able to adjust themselves calmly to those unpredictable circumstances which arise; and with such a gentle aroma it is no surprise either that they can be a centre of attraction!  When we are able to see the whole picture, and, with a bit more instruction we can arrive at a firm conclusion that within their INSTINCTIVE NATURE is what may be called SPIRITUAL ENERGY.  Are you now able to silently appreciate the power of their “adaptability” and the “affable aroma” of infants?  Sighing a little “those were the days….?”   
         The refined characteristics inherited in infancy do not wear off with the growing of age, but rather lay dormant waiting for man to again utilise his innate qualities for the purpose of living a civilized life.  As this is the case one could well ask what then happens to the natural powers conferred upon man by the Heavens.  
         Question: Why do the majority of men abandon themselves to evil today?   
         Answer:   The abandonment is due to the circumstances through which men allow their minds to be caged and drugged in evil thoughts and acts.  For instance, the deficiency of moral education and ignorance of the Law of Causation results in man’s less than optimal life-span upon the earth. 
         Men identify themselves only with the compliance of physical value and as such live in a world of self-indulgent luxuries, seeking happiness and security in material possessions, and from the people around them not realising for a moment that all these are merely temporary, and will eventually be worn out.  Their emotional dependencies upon these things begins to take root unconsciously, so that when any thing or any person of their liking disappears from their sight a series of emotions such as excitement, worry, resentment, anger, hatred and perhaps even revenge bursts forth ……. mercilessly torturing them on and off.  This is a profoundly painful price to pay for “worshipping the idols” of their own fantasy dreams, a price they do not expect to pay.  Adding to these remorseful sights, are some who adopt the “law of the jungle” to guide their lives.  This means the weak will fall prey to the strong.  Those who are driven beyond the limit of forbearance will erupt into FRUSTRATION, HATRED and RETALIATION, and there are others who would rather prefer to stand aloof, each minding his own business.   It is without doubt that all these behaviours have an immense impacting influence on our every day lives in many ways; not for better but for worse, because selfishness begets selfishness, harshness encourages harshness; deceitfulness produces deceitfulness, distrust, and fear.  
         Unless men again come to their right senses misfortune in the form of pestilence, wars and natural disasters such as drought, earthquakes, floods ect…..(just to name a few) will become  unavoidable.  Therefore it is every man’s duty to shoulder his share of responsibilities in order to eliminate violence and suffering.  Unfortunately and instead, there are far too many men who employ erroneous methods to eradicate adversity, and this unfortunately causes the adversity to multiply and spread even further.  
Confucian Analects Book xxii
"By nature men are alike.  Though practice they have become wide apart.” 
King Hwuy Of Leang Part 11
“He who outrages the benevolence proper to his nature, is called a robber; he who outrages righteousness is called a ruffian.  The robber and ruffian we call a mere fellow.”
Matthew Chap 18:7
“Woe unto the world because of offences!  For it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”
Practical experiment: 
         When you turn on a tap to wash your hands, do you notice that both the running water and yourself can easily cooperate to complete a “job” being done (washing and being washed) without any discomfort.  Now what will happen if you dam a finger against the mouth of the running tap?  Right! The water will be forced to gush out all over getting both yourself and the surrounding area wet also.  What a mess indeed!
This experiment confirms the saying: 
         “One slur can poison the whole atmosphere; One hero can inspire the whole country.”
It further proves that disasters do not co-incidentally happen without a cause or reason, but are due to the actions of man’s unruly conduct.  Whenever there is a cause, there is always an effect.  Reward or punishment which does not occur during his present life will appear at some opportune time in the future.  This explains why man is often puzzled by an unexpected turn of fate in his life.  Whether man likes it or not, JUSTICE has long arms.  
Mencius - Kung Sun CHOW Part 1
“Calamity and happiness in all cases are of man’s own doing.” 
Colossians Chap 3: 25
“But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respecter of persons”

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