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I kuan tao thamma - Importance of Acknowledging and Receiving the Great Tao
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Importance of Acknowledging and Receiving the Great Tao

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Jan 18, 2006 at 05:04 AM
         To undertake an ardently important journey, the most important part of the preparation is to identify the destination.  Following that the next step is to catalog what is required for the entire passage in order that you may know confidently that you are well equipped to proceed on your journey.  Similarly, to live a full and upright life man ought to know the whereabouts of his Spiritual Roots.  Otherwise where and how do you begin? 
There is an ancient saying: 
         “A seven–foot tabernacle is incomparable to a one-foot face” 
          A one-foot face is incomparable to a Dot of Conscience.”
         According to the ancient Chinese scale of measurement, one foot is equivalent to ten inches.  Seven feet (average height) is equivalent to today’s five feet ten inches.
Seven-five tabernacle: The “five feet ten inches physical frame” of man is a scale used to measure from the tip of a man’s head to the bottom of the sole of his foot.  It is just as useful and important as any other type of tool is to a workman.  Without it things cannot be accomplished.  Like walking distances with the legs, carrying of goods with the hands etc……….
One-foot face: But on top of it major sensual organs are to be found upon the one-foot face; like seeing with the eyes, hearing with the ears, talking with the mouth, smelling or breathing with the nose.  These enhance much convenience and swiftness to all physical movements. 
Three-inch nose: Nevertheless, a man can still survive even if his eyes are blind, his ears are deaf, or when he is dumb.  The fatal blow comes when the function of breathing is lost; then the life of a man is finished.
A Dot of Conscience: The soul which is a substitute name given to the Dot of Conscience, that gives life to the body.  Why has “conscience”, the principality of man be given “A Dot” as its descriptive word?  Since time immemorial, “A Dot” has been used to signify the conscience of man because of its minuteness, so minute that its presence is invisible to the eyes, yet it is able to reflect, to regenerate, and to determine all dimensional knowledge.  A dot is a circle in miniature.  The volume of its depth is not perceptible to the human eye, neither can it be calibrated by any scientific equipment.  When it unrolls into its circular extension its diameter and circumference defies measurement because of its incommensurability.  The Dot of Conscience is the sole alliance between ‘mans’ and Spiritual Truth.  This is why the perfect conscientious mentality of man is boundless and infinite.  The Dot of Conscience is also known as the Wisdom Eye.  Once the soul departs from the body, all physical activity ends.  
         The important point of acknowledging one’s conscience is to know where one’s Spiritual Root is.  Furthermore, the conscience acts as a compass to direct man towards good-will.  By exercising great effort of discipline man can surpass his basic limiting impulses so that he can live in peace with himself and others.  Living without knowing his conscience is like drifting aimlessly and forlornly upon an ocean.   Conscience, the Tao of man brings mankind directly to perfection and ultimately union with the Great Tao.  Conscience is the SEED to fruitful ENLIGHTENMENT.
The Doctrine Of Mean
Chap XXVI: 9
The Heaven now before us is only this bright shining spot.
Matthew Chap 6:22
“The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore Matthew thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”
Chuang Tzu:  “That through which one passes in and out, without seeing its form is the Gate of heaven.”

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