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I kuan tao thamma - Grandfather’s Joy and Gratitude
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Grandfather’s Joy and Gratitude

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By Sushanta Nepal Jan 25, 2006 Prepared by Tai Jin Temple

Grandfather passed away when I was twenty. When he was still alive, he loved drinking the milk tea I made for him. We would be laughing and talking happily while drinking tea; we always had a great time together. Before I received Dao, in 2003, one night in my dream, I saw him standing on a every fine rope in the air and he told me that he got no offering, so he was hungry and thirsty. My mother is the only child he has, so if my mother does not prepare an offering for him, no one would do so. I told my parents about my dreams, and since then, I have not dreamed about him any more.

   Since I received Dao, I have often gone to the temple to help with Dao affairs. I brought my cousins to receive Dao and to learn temple etiquette. As I can speak English and Nepali, I went with Dao-Transmitting Masters and Taiwanese lecturers to remote villages a couple of he times to do translation to help with Dao and comprehend the preciousness of Dao. Then I made up my mind to help more people receive Dao, to enjoy the happiness Dao.

   Besides English and Nepali, I can also speak Hindi. In December of 2005, I was asked if I could visit India to help with the translation at the temple. At once, I promised joyfully to take on that holy mission. I am very grateful for Master Tseng’s mercy for giving me such a great opportunity to work for God to fulfill my vows and build up merits and virtues. We visited many families, park, public places, and took part in many activity to build affinity with various people. Beside, the Chinese Medical camp has always provided a good starting place for us to meet new people and spread Dao to them. While being treated with traditional Chinese medical treatment, many patients have also received Dao. Not only their physical bodies are cured, their souls are rescued as well. After they have received Dao, in order to make them understand more about Dao, we invite them to attend Dao Seminars.

   The seminar was held on January 22, 2006 which was a wonderful day for the new Indian Dao members. I was quite busy on that day, but my heart was rich with contentment and happiness. I was extremely happy that I should do something for our Holy Teacher Ji-Gong Living Buddha to spread Dao.

   Right after the seminar, on night of January 23, 2006, I had a wonderful dream. Although there were only twenty-four Dao members attending the seminar in the temple on January 22, their deceased ancestors and those of other Dao members were present as well, including my grandfather. The number of deceased was double or triple compared to that to the Dao members. The deceased were kneeling and floating in the air and listing attentively, each of was holding a white lotus in their hand. However, some lotuses were blooming, some were budding, and some were already withered. Why was that? Those who were holding blooming lotuses meant their descendants or relatives were cultivating themselves sincerely and often helped with Dao propagation. Those who were holding budding lotuses meant their descendants or relatives were cultivating themselves sincerely but helping little with Dao propagation. Those who were holding withered lotuses meant their descendants did receive Dao but were not helping at all in propagating Dao.

   During the lunch break, the deceased ancestors also ate the food joyfully with the attendees. All the food served in the temple had been blessed by God and Buddhas, and shone with bright light. After the seminar was done, the deceased ancestors of Dao members hugged me and expressed their appreciation to me. Due to my translation, their descendants could receive Dao and understand clearly what Dao is and the preciousness of receiving Dao. The last one who came to hug me was my grandfather.

   My grandfather told me that I had attended six Dao Seminars up to that point. The first time when I attended the Dao Seminar, I was just sitting there in the temple listing to the speeches, so Grandfather did not receive merits and virtues. But due to my attending the seminar, Grandfather was allowed to join and listen to the course as well. Then, since the second time I attended the seminar, I had become a volunteer of the temple. I helped with the reception group, the cleaning work and the translation to work for God and Buddha and consequently Grandfather started to receive merits and virtues. This time,  the seminar in Delhi by bus. In the past two months, I had been working with the Taiwanese lecturers visiting the house of  Dao members, inviting people o receive Dao and giving  guidance to Dao member in to Hindi, and all of them were so munch touched and I was very joyful as well. The last one who came to hug me was my grandfather. Owing to my continuous help for Dao propagation, he could receive my merit and virtues. He encouraged me to continue helping with Dao propagation in the future to benefit more human beings and especially their ancestors and descendants.

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Loulou 17/09/2013 18:46:52
Hey Steve, Been a while and miss talking. Say hello to April and Bella. Happy to hear you enyojed the stories. We have quite a few hilarious stories together with Mike H. Good times and many laughs usually at my expense but all in good fun. Patience not my forte but I'm learning. Almost all my issues are because of deformed feet. Last foot doc I saw told me I would never be fast with my feet. The doc before told me my only hope was plantar fascia surgery. Long story short I have cobblers here make me custom wedges I put between my ball of the foot and heel to fill the gap. Simple solution and it works. Take care!
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