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Heavenly Dragon’s Scroll

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Heavenly Dragon’s Scroll

The Heavenly Dragon's Scroll is ignited at the tip of the candle light.

dragon1_622451990.jpgThe Ceremony of Transmission of TAO in the Temple of Tao of Heaven signifying the Baptism of the Fire and Holy Spirit.
All photographs shown here are real and taken during the ceremony of transmission of Tao. They are divine manifestations to prove that The Golden Thread is real.
During the spiritual ceremony of transmission of Tao to the receiver, a white piece of special paper will be burnt. This piece of paper is called “Heavenly Dragon’s Scroll” in Chinese (see first photograph on the right the piece of paper lighting up from the candlelight). The Chinese words printed on this piece of paper are very significant and every printed word comes from Heaven. Using a Chinese brush, the receiver’s name is filled up in the space provided for the name to be inserted and during the ceremony this paper will be burnt by igniting it using the fire from the tip of the candlelight as shown in the picture on the right. This photograph is the manifestation of how the Heavenly Dragon’s Scroll (or in short Dragon’s List) with the receiver’s name written in it is connected to Heaven through The Golden Thread. 
By doing this it signifies that the receiver of Tao becomes the family member of Maitreya Buddha and disciple of Master JiGong. But the most important part of all is the receiver’s name will be registered in Heaven in The Book of Life similar to the description in the Bible known as “Lamb’s Book of Life”. Lao Mu said that by this baptism, which is called the Baptism of the Fire and Holy Spirit, the indestructibility of the true divine self (soul) would emerge and awaken to the truth and have salvation.
The fire comes from the fire of The Golden Thread (see second and third photograph on the right of how a receiver of Tao kneeling down before Heaven during the ceremony is baptized by the fire unseen to the eyes) and the Holy Spirit is Master JiGong represented by the Tao Master performing the transmission ceremony. The Three Heavenly Treasures will then be transmitted to the receiver and he will be protected and able to have salvation. The proof of this teaching is supported by the numerous manifestations of The Golden Thread all over the world in the Temple of Tao of Heaven.
With the great compassion of Heaven, the divine manifestation of this Golden Thread is to strengthen the belief of the devotees so that they can be assured that their practice of Tao will give them the comfort of returning to Heaven after their last breath on Earth. Please refer to the Manifestations in Photograph to see more of the manifestations of The Golden Thread to realize the awesome compassion of Heaven. Tao of Heaven is true and it embraces the five main religions and all other holy spiritual and ascetic practices. It is not a religion but a Holy process to wake up our true divine selves that have been lost since time immemorial. By waking up we realize that we too are divine and pure similar to God in the first place and how to restore this divine self so that we can return to The Kingdom of God for eternal peace.

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