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I kuan tao thamma - Manifestation of a Fish's Spirit
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Manifestation of a Fish's Spirit

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Manifestation of a Fish's Spirit

Emperor Zhou Wang favorite concubine Da Ji - on her true account of her reincarnation cycles.

Manifestation of a Fish's Spirit

(Translated by a Tao Devotee)


Emperor Zhou Wang favorite concubine Da Ji - on her true account of her reincarnation cycles.


The presence of a Fish Spirit was felt when it manifested itself through the Three Oracle (medium) in the Temple and it foretold its reincarnation cycles.


In the year 1992, on the 16th October Friday in Malaysia, I, as a Tao kin had been propagating Tao there for four years. However, the Tao affairs are not flourishing as expected after all. This year, I went to Malaysia again to spread Tao and to listen to its Tao Dharma Classes. I helped to make the Tao kin more tenable and we held a Tao Dharma Session in Ji Da Zhou at the Temple of Da En Fuo Tang. It was a one-day Assembly Class.


In the morning, one of the Three Oracles (Spiritual Medium) named Wu Mei Hui suddenly felt discomfort all over her body. She felt instantly thirsty and it was an extreme torture on her. She drank 9 full cups of water but it still could not help to quench her thirst. She bore with it till afternoon until she could not take in any more food. It was until when lunch was over, the Tao Lecturer was teaching all the Tao participants to sing the Holy Song and this Oracle was sitting at the back of the Class, listening to the Tao Lecturer, Brother Lin Jun Hong explaining the meanings of the Holy Song.


Suddenly, there was a loud Bang coming from the back of the class and all the Tao participants were alarmed and quickly turned their back to take a look. This Oracle had fallen to the ground with her chest facing the floor. Both of her legs were straightened and closed up. Both of her hands were uplifted and clapped together tightly, forming a Buddha praying gesture and her body was slightly bend to form a small triangular shape. Her body was clad tightly with two of her hands in a praying posture and her outlook appeared stern and angry. She started yelling loudly for four times and she sounded very terrifying. It made one feels very scared to be in goose pimples and in shivering! This happening was aroused for quite sometime and some of the Tao participants had no way out but felt apprehensive and scared. So, they packed up their seats and stood quietly at the corner of the Temple.


Baptist Zhang Tien Ying was present at the moment together with Temple Owner Lai Li Xiang, Ding Su Ying hurriedly rushed forward to stop all the commotion. They tried hard to prevent this Spirit possession from harming the Oracle body.


Fish Spirit  : I forbid all of you to conduct the Tao Dharma Classes. All of you are indeed very selfish. All of you are so fortunate to be able to attend the Tao Dharma Classes. I am indignant. I feel very unjustified. I will never let all of you off! It is so easy for you to obtain Tao but you have not even returned your debts to me. All of you are too evil and selfish! I hate all of you. You ate my flesh and meat, peeled off my skin and tasted my bones. And I even let you obtain Tao so easily. It is all because of your Great Enlightened Teacher who keeps forbidding me to stop all of you from obtaining Tao. Or else, I would have manifested my presence long time ago.


You, as a human being now, are sitting at the Buddha’s chairs right in this Temple and you still have the guts to eat my flesh. Return all these debts to me! All of you think that there are no sins at all. I hate all of you, hated all of you……I hated……………Do you all know who I am? I am a very Big Fish Spirit reincarnation, a big fish………all of you keeps eating us up. I hated all of you as Tao Cultivators. I hated you and I wished to take away your life……………..


This fish spirit was feeling very enraged and frustrated and when she opened her mouth to speak, she clenched her fists and gnash her teeth (ground her teeth). She even frequently hit at the floor with her hands. The Oracle hands had instantaneously become the fish’s fins at this moment and it even become the tool for the fish to vent her rage and hatred.


Baptist Zhang      : Please do not torture the Oracle body. (He even combined efforts with Lai Li Xiang and Ding Su Ying to use their hands to stop the fish from hurting the Oracle’s hands. (The Fish had possessed in the Oracle Body.)


Fish Spirit  : Please do not catch me, let go of me. (The fish shouted loudly)! Life after life, all of you keep eating us up. I am so hateful that I wish to eat all of you up. You eat me up so joyfully and now, I have to show you my ferocious anger! We, as fishes are not able to acquire Tao and yet you all can acquire Tao so easily. If not because of your Great Enlightened Teacher who stopped me from obstructing you all, you would never have such a chance at all.  All of you do not even have any merits and you ate up my flesh. All of you are being so selfish and egoistic, all seeking pleasure for oneself and never even think in a considerate way for others. Don’t you think that in these few years, you had met with many setbacks and obstacles. This is the torture and sufferings I want to show to you as a Tao Cultivator. Because all of you are leading such a good life already, that’s why I want to torture you until you lose all your faith and confidence in Tao. I do not want you to ascend to Heaven. I want you to be tarnished in your reputation, suffer from defamations and slanders. Even more so, I want to drag you down to be with us because you think that all fishes are meant for you to eat!


Mencius once said   : I have seen the birth of everything and yet I cannot bear to see it’s death. As I heard the animals’ cries, I cannot bear to partake its meat.


In general, most of the people feel that animals like Cow, horses, pigs, lambs, chickens, ducks and fishes are meant to be eaten by human beings. They have not understood that in the Chinese Word of Meat, there are in fact 2 ‘human’ beings words written in to form this Word ‘Meat’. Do you still have the heart to kill the animals as food consumption? Please think carefully and use your heart to introspect the pitiful lives of the innocent animals. Humans and animals are just being different in their physical forms only!


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