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          "The number of Tao cultivators has been as numerous as a bull's hairs, but the number of those who accomplish perfection is as few as a bull's horns." This is an ancient saying. But how could it be that way? It is due to the great difficulty in one's meeting with the true enlightening master and receiving the true Tao. During ancient times, Tao was transmitted on the one-to-one basis. No one received Tao unless he /she had great affinity with Buddha or had deep spiritual foundation. During this era, by the grace of God, our Patriarch, Shi-Zun, and Shi-Mu are mandated with the divine authority to complete the last salvation. They conduct the propagation of Tao universally to all sentient beings, so that everyone can receive Tao if they are righteous and willing. Since we have received Tao, it is our honor, privilege, and most important of all, our obligation to learn about and develop further understanding of the Heavenly Decree, our Patriarch and our Holy Teachers in this White - Sun Era. The following are some brief profiles of our Patriarch and our Holy Teachers.

          1. Heavenly Mandated Enlightening Masters

          The Heavenly Mandated Enlightening Masters refer to those who receive God's divine authority to come to this earthly world and continue the lineage of Tao, propagate Tao and enlighten all the sentient beings for the purpose of recovering their original True-Nature.

          2. Contemporary Enlightening Masters
          Patriarch: Mi-Le Buddha/Maitreya Buddha, or Patriarch Lu, named Zhong-Yi, is the first patriarch of the White-Sun Era. He was born on April 24,1849, in Jining, Shandong province of China. Miraculously inspired by the Buddhas to receive Tao from the sixteenth Patriarch Liu, he followed Patriarch Liu and diligently cultivated Tao. In 1905, Heaven ordained him as the seventeenth patriarch, or the first patriarch of the White-Sun Era. He passed away on February 2, 1925. 
          On March 3 of the following year, his spirit worked a great miracle, he lectured through the physical body of a person called Yang Chuen-ling. His spirit lectured for one hundred days. During this period, he chanted the Jing-Gong Subtle Sutra and the True Sutra of Maitreya Buddha. Both are now widespread all over the world.

          Shi-Zun: Our Shi-Zun is Ji-Gong Living Buddha incarnate. His family name is Zhang, his first name is Kui-Sheng, also known as Guang-Bi and Tian-Ran in the Tao Temples. He was born on July 19, 1889 in Jining, Shandong Province of China. He received Tao in 1915 and was mandated with Heavenly Decree in 1930 as the eighteenth patriarch, or the second patriarch in the White-Sun Era, to complete the last salvation. He passed away during the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1947 in Chengdu, Sichuan province of China.
The Almighty God then bestowed on him an honorable Buddha's name as Tian-Ran-Gu-Fo.

   Shi-Mu: Our Shi-Mu is Yue-Hui Bodhisattva incarnate. Her family name is Sun; her given name is Su-Zhen, known as Hui-Ming in the Tao Temples. She was born in Shan County, Shandong province of China, on August 28, 1895. In 1930, it was ordained by Heavenly Decree that Shi-zun and Shi-Mu fulfill the last salvation. She passed away on February 23 in 1975. God bestowed on her the honorable holy title: Zhong-Hua–Shen-Mu.
Although Shi-Zun and Shi-Mu have already left the world, the Heavenly Decree prevails. Lao-Qian-Ren and Qian-Ren continue the efforts to assist our Enlightening Masters with this holy mission---the completion of the last salvation of all the sentient beings.

        3. Tao Transmitting Masters that Represent our Enlig-htening

          Masters/Holy Teachers

          According to The Doctrine of the Means. ๏ผˆConfucian Classics๏ผ‰,"One who has great virtue will receive Heaven's mandate." The holy mission of our Shi-Zun and Shi-Mu is to save all the beings in the Three Worlds and to bring them back to Heaven. To complete this great mission, many people will need to help. Therefore, those individuals with great virtues, who practice moral values and show devotions to the Tao propagation are chosen by the venerable Lao-Qian-Ren and Qian-Ren to represent our Shi-Zun and Shi-Mu to propagate Tao. As authorized with Heavenly Decree, they are honorably named as Dian-Chuan-Shi, or Tao Transmitting Masters.

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