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A brief introduction to Yi-Guan Dao (I-Kuan Tao)

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Yi-Guan Dao (I-Kuan Tao) is the belief in and worship of God
(Lord of all souls). It is the Truth inherited from the teachings of
Confucius, which is the same Truth taught by the founders of
the five world religions*. Yi-Guan Dao (I-Kuan Tao) was established
by Patriarch Lu Zhong-yi (our Great Patriarch Jin-Gong),
17th Patriarch of the later stage of the East Dao Orthodoxy.
In 1930, God ordered Zhang Guang-Bi and Sun Hui-Ming
(our venerable holy teachers -- the 18th Patriarchs), who were
both disciples of Lu Zhong-yi, to carry on the Dao Orthodoxy
and preach the Great Dao to reveal Enlightenment to humanity
and all creatures and to save all souls. In addition, they
established the instructions for The Purpose of Dao*.

The Purpose of Dao*1 is:
1. To venerate the Heavens and the Earth.
2. To worship God*2 and revere the Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng*3.
3. To be patriotic, loyal, and responsible.
4. To be of virtuous character and uphold the Rules of Propriety.
5. To joyfully love, honor, respect, support, and be obedient to
one's parents to let them live worry-free lives
(to carry out the filial duties*4).
6. To honor and respect one's teachers and elders.
7. To be faithful to friends.
8. To live harmoniously with neighbors.
9. To rid oneself of bad habits and evil, and to pursue good thoughts
and deeds.
10. To expound upon the Five Bonds of Human Relationships*5 and
the Eight Cardinal Virtues*6.
11.To preach the main principles of the founders of the five world religions.
12. To obey and respectfully practice the Four Ethical Principles*7, the Three Mainstays of Social Order*8 and the Five Constant Virtues*9.
13. To cleanse the mind, purify the soul and eliminate unclean thoughts.
14. To cultivate one's true-self*10 by utilizing untruths*11.
15. To recover one's original Buddha-nature*12.
16. To continually develop one's innate wisdom and natural abilities until perfection is achieved.
17. To establish and reach one's own goals and to help others do so.
18. To transform the world into a peaceful, honest, and orderly society.
19. To enlighten the minds of people and enable them to return to a state of benevolence.
20. By pursuing this path, to bring the world into a state of harmony, equality, fraternity, and justice - The World of Da-Tong*13 (to work towards making a Commonwealth State - a Great Utopia.)

1 Dao(Tao) “:Note: means, God, Truth, Path.
2 God : means Dao(Tao), Lord of all souls, Truth, Path.
3 Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng –: means Buddhas, Sages, Immortals, Saints, angels, and deities in cosmos.
4 To carry out the filial duties
Filial Piety - To joyfully love, honor, respect, support, and be obedient to one's parents to let them live worry-free lives.
5 The Five Bonds of Human Relationships ‹
between sovereign and minister, parents and children, husband and wife, between brothers/sisters and between friends
6 The Eight Cardinal Virtues
filial piety, brotherly love, loyalty/honesty, truthfulness/trustfulness, propriety, righteousness, integrity/purity, shamefulness
7 The Four Ethical Principles
propriety, righteousness, integrity/purity, shamefulness
8 The Three Mainstays of Social Order
between sovereign and minister, parents and children, husband and wife
9 The Five Constant Virtues
benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and truthfulness/trustfulness
10 True-self
The true, the real, Buddha-nature, thus always, eternally so, unchanging or immutable as contrasted with form and phenomena.
11 Untruths ‡
Unreal, false, fallacious. In Buddhism it means empirical; nothing is real and permanent, all is temporal and merely phenomenal, fallacious, and unreal.
12 Buddha-nature Bodhi-nature, true-self, real-self, the absolute as eternally existent
13 The World of Dah-Torng is similar in concept to a Commonwealth State; i.e., a Perfect World.
This "World of Da-Tong", described in the Li-Yun-Da-Tong Section, the Record of Rites, Book 9, by Confucius, (B.C. 551), is explained below:
The World of Da-Tong
Confucius' Ideal of a Commonwealth State* - a Great Utopia
When the Great Dao (Tao, perfect order) prevails, the world is like a Commonwealth State shared by all, not a dictatorship.
Virtuous, worthy, wise and capable people are chosen as leaders.
Honesty and trust are promoted, and good neighborliness cultivated.
All people respect and love their own parents and children, as well as the parents and children of others.
The aged are cared for until death, adults are employed in jobs that make full use of their abilities, and children are nourished, educated, and fostered.
Widows and widowers, orphans and the old without children, the disabled and the diseased are all well taken care of.
Every man and woman has an appropriate role to play in society and in the family.
They hate to see resources lying idle or cast away, yet they do not necessarily keep them for themselves.
They hate not to make use of their abilities, yet they do not necessarily work out of self-interest.
Thus intrigues and conspiracies do not arise, and thievery and robbery do not occur, therefore doors need never be locked.
This is the ideal world - a perfect world of equality, fraternity, harmony, welfare, and justice. This is the world called "Da-Tong".
* This is the state "of the people, by the people, and for the people"
We, as disciples and followers of Yi-Guan Dao (I-Kuan Tao), obey and respectfully practice "The Purpose of Dao". We act in accordance with the Great Dao of Confucian teachings, which is a way of forming oneself internally as a sage and externally as a great king (to make oneself sound both in theory and in practice). We encourage filial piety towards one's parents, affection towards one's relatives, a loving disposition towards all people, and kindness towards all creatures. We treat the elders of one's own family with the respect due their age so that the elders of all families shall be similarly treated, and show kindness to the youth of one's own family so that the youth of all families shall be shown similar kindness. When all people adopt these principles and conduct themselves accordingly, the world will truly be transformed; everyone will live as one family. Thereafter, the World of Da-Tong* -- the ideal world of Confucius -- will be achieved.
*For details, please refer to the Manual of Yi-Guan Dao (I-Kuan Tao)

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angelica 01/04/2014 01:00:06
Thank you for this brief introduction to Yi-Guan Dao (I-Kuan Tao) , now i can say i understand what is it....
thank you for sharing such information
best regards
تفسير الاحلام 26/04/2014 15:25:13
i have left my email so please send me any new articles you write to my email really i like this one
tafsir ahlam 08/05/2015 00:45:54
Thank you for this post i wish you write about that topic more and more you really taught me something new
best regards
tafsir ahlam 08/05/2015 00:46:29
Thank you for this post i wish you write about that topic more and more you really taught me something new
best regards
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