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I kuan tao thamma - The Holy teachings of Master Ji Gong India
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The Holy teachings of Master Ji Gong India

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February 17th, 2001
The Holy Teachings of Ji-Gong Living Buddha

—Ž Some people have poor health, and some have too many worries. Remember that people get to understand the world by encountering something against their will. Tall people have worries; short people also have worries if they are not contented with what they have. But who is most beautiful in the world? Do you think you are beautiful? When you are happy, look at yourself in the mirror, and you are beautiful. So you should always keep good mind, nurturing a heart of kindness. Only when you settle your mind and stay in peace, will you take everyone you see as beautiful and kind.

—Ž For those who practice meditation, when they meditate, they settle their hearts and stay in peace. Their worries go away. But when they do not, all the worries come back to them. So you should find some way to make you happy forever, and that is exactly why you should receive Tao. When do you feel happy? Isn't it when you are rich, when you have a big house to live, when you have beautiful clothes or shining jewelry to wear? (Class: No!) Where is the way in which you find the real happiness? (Class: In our hearts.)

—Ž When you walk, is your heart settled and calm? When you see, does your true heart gain the control over you? You may want to practice meditation, learn some skills, or even consult your masters in order to make yourself happy. However, different kinds of happiness all require you to feel with your true heart. Some people may sing to become happy, but most important of all, is to find some way that leads to eternal happiness.

—Ž Take this glass of water for example, you carry it and walk, the water may spill from the glass, and you will have ripples on the surface. Can you stabilize the water without causing any ripples? Take another example of the bird flying in the sky. Does it have a shadow? (Class: Yes!) A person walking on the street always has a shadow following him. When can a bird not have a shadow? When can a person not have a shadow? (Class: When in the dark.) Can a person always stay in the dark? (Class: No!) Man needs to face to the bright and fulfill his goal. Can a bird not fly in order to avoid its shadow? (Class: No.) Likewise, as a person tries meditating to leave behind his shadow, still his shadow follows. Only when the bird flies higher and sees further and forgets about the existence of its shadow, the shadow will then make no difference to this bird.

—Ž Every day a person constantly eats, but in order to follow Buddha, he eats less and less and reduces his desires; still he retains his good health. What about the glass of water in your hand? Did you note the water is much less now? (One of the class participants: I forgot it!) When you forget, you already transcend. Whether it ripples or not makes no difference to you. When you meditate every day, it seems everything is forgotten, but when you deal with people, all the same old problems come again. Personalities vary and ways to handle things also vary. When you are in bad mood, can you ignore everything and just go home to meditate? (Class: No!) So you should learn how to properly play your role and take up your duties, also you should learn to realize who is your true self.

—Ž Is the heart real or unreal that is replaced by the medical doctor? (Class: Unreal!) Any parts, including your physical heart, which can be replaced or substituted is not a real. But do you let this heart command you?

—Ž A person can change his looks with a cosmetic surgery. All parts of the body, along with all features of the face, can be changed, but have you ever thought about that the Tao Transmitting Masters do not randomly touch any points on your face. That is different from your meditating. So when you have different views, you may well be doubtful. They come from Taiwan and share with you the teachings, which are different from what you've learned from school, so you may well be doubtful and you probably don't believe them. But a person should not always be kept in the dark; you should open your mind and embrace what is given to you. In the ancient times, cultivators meditated to guard their heart and mind. But now, if you stay at home and meditate all day long, the whole life you still meditate without going anywhere. Why? Your physical body will one day be gone, but your spirit can come & go freely just as Buddhas.

—Ž The bird is like you, but you have a say; the choice is yours. Same as the saints and sages you respect most, you should extend your helping hand. Bring people to receive Tao and help them equally enlightened. When you are unhappy, keep in mind those people living hard lives. And when you live a good life, think of making others equally good as you.

—Ž Does your water have ripples? One way in which you can forever stabilize it without causing any ripples is to drink it. There are some emotional attachments you are reluctant to let go. That' why you always have worries. It's like you quarrel with people and you refuse to apologize, you try to stay away from him and keep him out of sight. However, once you let go and say sorry, your worries are gone. That way, you can be as happy and carefree as Buddhas.

—Ž Everyone is born equal, but how come people have better health than me, and I seem so unlucky? There must be some reasons behind that. But if you always keep a thankful heart, always act like Buddhas, naturally you will be happy everyday.

—Ž Some of you are old at age. But think about it, if you can recover your child-like nature, you will not have worries. You will not be worried about money, not about friends, you will not quarrel with people, fight with people. Because children are most pure and innocent, now they cry, but next moment they laugh again. Can you do that? (Class: No.) That is why I want you to recover your child-like nature. Your worries will be diminishing.

—Ž There is a house. (Teacher asks a Tao senior to draw a house on the white board.) Is it a house? The house may be big and beautiful, but if it remains locked, people inside can't come out and people outside can go in, it's still useless. Even if it has windows, it's not a good idea to always go through the windows. Whether the house is located in a beautiful place or a remote area, as long as you are willing to open the door, the fresh air will circulate and the sun will shine in. But if the door is always closed, the burglars will come, dust and dirt will gather; then it will be a shame for you to own such a great house. So if you have a great house, you clean and make the best of it, the house will be much valuable. It's the same with your attitude toward your physical body. From the time you were born till now, have you found your true self?

—Ž There is a moon up in the sky. Do you enjoy watching it? (Class: Yes!) Is the moon exactly the way you look at it? Is the moon full or not? (Class: Both!) Sometimes it's full, and sometimes it's not. All depend on your different angles. The moon may be smaller and smaller because people feel it is changing based on what they see. But one day, if you could fly up to the sky and see the moon from where it is, what would you see? Is the moon round or flat? (Class: Round!) Always round and full, right? If the moon is reflected in the water, would you think it's more beautiful in the water or up in the sky? (Class: Up in the sky! ) If you still think the moon in the water is the real moon, then you are bound to suffer. It's because the moon in the water is always changing, just like your life. Do you think you can have for the rest of your life what you own now? (Class: No!) Do you know what will happen to you tomorrow? Do you ever know what kind of great achievement you will accomplish in your lifetime? Because you don't know, let me tell you. Learning from the moon, when you see its reflection in the water, you should keep it in mind that you should never go looking for this illusion. You should look for the real moon up in the sky, not the "flat" moon in the water. Always search for the original moon.

—Ž Now you learn this way and that way to help you guard your heart and mind, but what do you think is the best way? What do you think is the way for you to find your true self? Each of your masters tells you his way is the best way to find your true self, but I am telling you, all the ways are wrong; they can lead you to go astray. True happiness does not come from outside, so you don't have to look for it, but you have to feel with your true heart. It's like the moon up in the sky, although clouds cover it and you can't see it, yet it is still there.

—Ž Understand the meaning of your life and start from making the best of your life. How can you escape all those worries and sufferings in your life? When you release yourself, willing to play your part and shoulder the mission given by God, true happiness will follow you. Well goes a parable, a dog was told its happiness is in its tail, so it kept turning around in order to find the happiness. Do you think it can find its happiness? The dog should have known that the tail is only part of it.

—Ž Take the glass of water for example, when you settle your heart in peace, it's like the water stays calm and has no ripples. But there are blowing winds that produce ripples on the surface. It's like your heart can't always stay in peace because of your children, your family, and your work. As the wind blows, the ripples occur. Then do you want to spend your life that way? (Class: No!) Only when you transcend the world will you gain more profound insight into your life. You are still living your life, but your heart and mind is different and more transcendent.

—Ž The same thing happens to two persons and brings about two different kinds of attitude. One lost one thousand rubies and didn't feel bad; the other also lost one thousand but felt extremely sad. What if you lose money, will you feel sad? (Class: Yes!) You feel sad because you think money is important to you. What if a burglar breaks into your house and steal all your money, will you feel sad? (Class: Yes!) You also feel sad because you think the money is yours, so you keep clinging to it and don't let go. However, the more you cling to, the more attachments you get stuck to, and the more pains and worries you will have. For all those well-cultivated saints and sages, do they give more or do they grab more? So you should learn to let go. When you try to settle your heart in peace, you find it even more difficult as you have more attachments. So when your children stay away from you, you feel worried and can't settle your heart. But if you can change your attitude, everything will turn out better and better.

—Ž So if you lost one thousand rubies, tell yourself next time you'll make one thousand more if the money is destined to be yours. By doing so you change your attitude. You get more happiness than worries. You don't know what will happen to you tomorrow, so you should cherish here and now. Why do you worship? You shouldn't worship Buddhas simply for peace and safety; you should further learn from Buddhas for their devotions. Say kind words, do good deeds, and nurture a kind heart.

—Ž Take this aquarium for example. Do you think the fish in this aquarium are happy? (Class: Yes!) They are happy because they are used to the water, right? They are satisfied to stay in water, so you can't find any break-through or great success achieved by the fish. If you are also satisfied with the status quo and refuse to better it, you will be like the fish always living in the water. But where are the fish you see in water, on the surface or in the depth of water? (Class: Both!) Sometime they are up and sometime they are down. That's why there are ups and downs in life and some people just drift through their lives.

—Ž If a person just eats, sleeps, works, watches TV every day, isn't his life a waste of time? So everyone should do something to make his life more valuable. At home you just stay with your family members, grumbling in bad mood every now and then. So which place is better for you, your home or the Temple? Of course your home makes you feel more comfortable and you can enjoy. But if you always stay at home, all your bad temper, your bad habits will show. You are too familiar with your family members, so you may think revealing your bad habits and bad temper at home are all right and that you can be good and gentle out of the house. However, in the Temple, you can see so many people smiling to you, will you get mad? You will certainly restrain yourself from being mad, right? Therefore, a good environment can change a person's behavior.

—Ž Here in the Temple, you can learn to be Budhisattva, which means to be a good person. You help things to get done. At home you live too comfortably and casually, so here you can learn more and understand more teachings. (The class promise they will come back to the Temple frequently.)

—Ž Isn't the mirror beautiful? When you look at your reflection, you know whether you are beautiful or not. Is the reflection more beautiful when you feel good emotionally or when you are down? (Class: When we feel good emotionally.) Everyday when you wake up in the morning, look at the mirror and smile, wouldn't you feel better and looking more beautiful? You can carry a mirror with you and reflect on yourself as often as you like. Especially when you are down, you need to check your own reflection even more, to see whether your expression is good or bad. You have been using the mirror for so long; do you know how long your face is? And how big your eyes are? You look at the mirror everyday; do you feel you are unique? When you look at yourself in the mirror, would you feel sad if you grow a little more gray hair or a couple more pimples? If you think, why are her eyes bigger than mine, then you would feel sadder. So start here and now, when you look at the mirror tell yourself you are unique, you are one and the only, there's no other else like me in this world; therefore, you are beautiful. Say it to yourself everyday, and you will become even more beautiful.

—Ž When looking at the mirror, do not think why the person in the mirror becomes worse and worse in temper, or that you can't seem to find someone to talk to, then you will feel sad. When looking at the mirror, tell yourself you want to help others, you want to attend Temples and learn the examples of Buddha and Saints. Let this energy manifest from within, then you will become more beautiful. The younger you feel at heart, the younger you will look outside.

—Ž Bring people to receive Tao. To change your current situation, you need to learn Tao and cultivate Tao. There are some problems that medical doctors can solve for you, so you need to learn Tao and to save people. Heaven wants to see your true heart and will arrange good affinities for you. You help these Taiwanese and bring so many people to receive Tao; all their ancestors are grateful to you. Here the Temple will be a Dharma Boat that ferries even more people to enlightenment and makes them equally awakened to the true transmission of the Self-Nature principles. That's all you have to do, and Teacher will handle all the rest. Your life will be sweeter and sweeter after the bitterness.

—Ž Why do people have worries? It's because they can control. That's why they need to have wisdom. (Teacher treats a member some tea.) Taking the tea you need to be sincere, and it will work. Come back to the Temple more often. Hope next time you have more wisdom and learn to act at each moment.

—Ž For the ordinary people, once they are in bad mood, delicious apples become less delicious. The joy felt at each and every moment is most precious. True happiness can't be found in books. Are Buddhas and saints happy? How can you learn the same happiness? What if you are happy, while many people are suffering? That's why you should understand Tao, and further bring them to receive Tao.

—Ž Don't underestimate this Mystic Gate. Many people try in vain to get that. Bodhisattvas' love and compassion for all sentient beings fills the whole universe, so meditating really can't get you any far. Don't wait until one day you can't breathe and gain control of your physical body, it will be too late. So it's very important to know of the Gate where your soul can enter and exit from your body. Exit and it can spread love for other people. Enter and it can guard your heart and mind. Remember, life is like the air that you can't see. Can you see Buddhas? There are things you need to feel. What you can't see does not negate its existence.

—Ž Buddhas are merciful; they are never willing to see people suffering. Think about it, isn't everyone here eager to receive Tao? Understand your life, cherish your affinity, stay in good shape, and so many people are awaiting you to bring Tao to them. Every day, be as open-minded as Buddha Maitreya. Do the most valuable things in life.

Guang Hui Booksore

Bright Wisdom

English Reference Manual for Tao Propagation
(Chinese text with English Translation)

A Bilingual Manual to Dao Propagation

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