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I kuan tao thamma - Are you the convict soul for the Hades "the Purgatory Realm"
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Are you the convict soul for the Hades "the Purgatory Realm"

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         My whisper to you all "would you believe in the existence of Hell"

         It is indeed possible that only death is the pathway to the Hades as one soul leaves the owner's unused body. Once one steps on the woeful dimension, there is no turning back ever! As a sinful soul, one must drift along the layers of the Hades. Your sins which were once created from your mind, emotions, and behaviours, will reveal your true self on this land. Isn't it just like the mirror of reflection? You deserved what you did. Have you ever hurt anybody or harmed anybody in anger or in greed or in delusion? If you have then you are suggested to remove such defilements from now on, because such impurities of your mind can bring you the worst nightmares that you will afterlife experience so! 

         You are worldly beings called Human beings, remember that! So never judge any other religion, because all are just the same although they have been introduced in different cultures and customs by God's different messengers. Because all human beings have "Soul"..............Cut out religious discrimination! Stop putting religions in enmity...

         Where are the Hades? How are the Hades created?? Have you ever wondered a bit? Ummm let me give you a very simple clue......when someone is in a happy state, it is as if you were in heaven, is that so? And when someone is in distress, anger, greed, strong desires, misery, malice.....mental suffering, it is as if he or she were in Hell. 

         Of course, our mind flows as fast as the light! Heaven and Hell were created by your 'Mind"......poisonous emotions can harm your mind, removing your purity so you will be withdrawn from heaven............Many stubborn humans strongly disbelieve in heaven and hell why? Because they are deeply attached to the Forms, Images, visible tangibility! Heaven and hell are unseen! Do you wish to see such lands? If so, only death, like I said, is the direct entry into these. Because you pass away and your soul filled with your impure minds leaves the body. The body will be returned to the nature, and your soul is just like the microchips (the data recorder) will freely give itself a flashback of memory of your emotions, moods, defilements! Your soul will reveal everything that your minds created when you were alive. 

         Have you ever prepared yourself for your life after death? Have you ever doubted at all of where we are off to at death? Of course, death is so ordinary because we all have been dead and reborn so many times.... maybe in your previous lives, you could be reborn in different countries, in different nations, different religions, and yes in different forms of rebirth. You are not only " this person " at this existence. If you say you are Buddhist in only one life, that is incorrect!! Maybe in the last life, you were reborn a female or a male in Muslim family or maybe a Christian family..... so do not blame and pessimistically criticise other religions because you also have been reborn and dead through many religions according to the law of causes and effects (You deserve what you did). 

         Do you think that heaven or the Happy Land is only at that easy reach? As you have done so much wrong against others and against yourself? People who dont understand the truth of the universe or the nature of spirits will just have no idea about life after death, but they just keep doing wrong things against others and themselves so often without feeling guilty and without repenting. They misunderstand that they only believe in God or follow their religious lords then they shall go to heaven directly after death although they have done so many sins! How could ones get away with being God' sinners?? But sorry about it, according to the Law of the nature and the Universe (The absolute truth)......whatever you believe in, hell and heaven are created by you, you must and must admit the truth! You cannot deny your true self! 

         Whether Hell or heaven exists or not, it is you who choose to create either of that! God never creates for you so do not blame God or the nature. Your Prophets or lords of religions never create that for you, because they have completed their duty to reform the people's are following them in wrong ways. You all are actually , by mistakes, following some human beings on their phony advice and inexperienced fallacy, but you did not yet follow your logical truth. Our religious lords always encouraged us to follow the truth....You are encouraged to pray and sing to praise the lords and God, but what if you never purify your mind and soul? It is worthless praying and singing if your mind isn't pure as the lords and you see, some people strictly follow the Bibles of Lord Jesus, the Tripitaka of Lord Buddha Sakyamuni or the teachings of lords, on the other hand, they still get angry, moody, selfish, malicious, aggressive, impolite, violent minded, dirty minded, narrow minded etc...the actions are obvious but their mind is impure...I am trying to say that the deed and the mind are not put in the same state .is that logical enough? 

         Are you following God or Satans in disguise? Many people are following Satans; therefore they deserve to go to hell. Open our eyes and see our world now!! No peace but the exterme mess and messier mind of human beings!! 

         Religions are now distorted just because someone distorted the teachings of our messengers! There are evils and agressive beings everywhere....We are the ones creating evils from our mind. If someone says," It is God's will that killing people and other beings is acceptable".....he is actually following Satans in disguise...You are unaware serving the Satans!! Humans today tend to take "right" for "wrong" with lack of sensibility! 

         In the end, It is you who choose to go to the Hades through your evil mind........... do you think you are good enough and perfect at this life? Heaven is far away when you keep doing wrong through your evil cannot just say there are good and bad people.......if you say so, you will take this freedom to do wrong things as you like...our mind is like water...... you should properly put the water in a glass and hold the glass carefully without the spill! It is like you were controlling your mind that perhaps could go right or wrong as you turned away....

         The only way to escape from Hell to is repent from doing wrong again. Show your intellectual! Bring Pure Love, Compassion (Kindness) to all beings, humans and animals etc , Remove all dirt and dust out of yur mind. Love all, dont forget to love all beings as much as possible without discrimination and preferences of mind. All religions are paths for you to follow the footsteps towards God (Different ways of practices but the same goal is only one for all............................

         Now remember it is you who choose to walk up there, or you choose to walk downwards the woeful realm.. Nobody forces you to believe in a particular religion, nobody forces you to believe in God, but you choose with your own logical decision. The only answer for your decision is " truth" or " fault" after death........ 

         There is the eternal punishment for those who forces and goes against others who are different from them so there is a suitable place for such convicts! You have no rights to think you are the best, no rights to think you are on the only right way, but not others; maybe you are on the edge of the cliff so watch your step. Dont just try to look in others, just look in yourself! Reflect yourself now...keep your mind peaceful and pure and let it be One! Dont let it scatter everywhere, dont let your thoughts wander.... that is how you are getting yourself closer and closer to " God" ..............................." destroying others is equal to destroying yourself according to the law of causes and effecst" " Blaming others is equal to blaming yourself" If you take others as stupid, you are the same" because we are living in the same planet, we all have the same five parts" Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, and Spirit" although your appearance or race or belief is different" Dont think like human beings..... just think like the holy spirits.....

         Keep in mind Hell welcomes those who are arrogant and stubborn beings! 

         Hell is a mysterious dimension. When one is about to die, all sins are revelled through the mind, that is the time when he/she realises where he/she is heading for...hell or heaven......please mark my words will you find out if he or she goes to heaven or go to the funeral, right? Just take a look at the dead body and take some observation... the dead body that goes stiff, turns green or really white, stinks really dreadfull like the smell of animal's flesh, eyes kept widely open or closed, blood or yellow plasma all over, has rough complexion....... this is the 100% destination of Hell....

         Vicer versa, after 3 days a dead body still goes soft and tender, smells nothing, flesh turns pinkish, looks like a sleeping person, eyes closed with no facial expressions but shows peace and calmness , maybe has a little smile of the lips..........this is the 100% destination to Heaven..... Would you choose to rest in peace or purgatory? 

         Only death is the gate leading to this purgatory realm. Hell is the unescapable place where sinner souls are inevitably tormented, tortured, punished, killed, suffocated with unlimited pain beyond a mere being's tolerance ...long long long time dead in every second in Hell. Blood is running everywhere like the hear the loud scream everywhere in excruciating pain of the sinner sentient beings.... it is beyond our naked eyes..... pain in hell is more than description....................let us realise it and reflect already! You still have a chance to stay away from it.

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